Printing And Graphic Design Business Reviews

The Chinese had a long history of printing and graphic design that is astonishing in its scope and techniques. Carpet weaving, paper making, painting, and silk making were all made with the same techniques that Chinese artisans used throughout their history. Surviving objects show that these Chinese developed a whole array of uses for printing and they reached a high degree of skill in printing and graphic design from an early age. Printouts of recipes, legal documents, prayers, and other legal matters demonstrate a high degree of skill in printing and design.

Early Chinese printed prayer mats found in the tomb of thearded Nansen indicate a skill in printing and design that was almost certainly passed down through generations. These prayer mats were made using a unique technique involving a very hard wood block covered in rice paper and a water colored cloth on top of the woodblock. The paper and the cloth are then stretched tightly over the woodblock to form a tight mold that forms the front of the prayer mat. Although the final design of printed prayer mats may have changed through the ages, the printed prayer mats are still popular with devotees today.

Printed tea leaves found in Chinese village artisans’ workshops show a complex use of printing and illustration. A group of workers would draw a figure on a wooden block, cut a paper pattern out of the same woodblock, and print out a series of leaves, each representing one of the five elements, and was then folded in half to make a full size printing tray. When each tray was filled with water the artist would place the leaves on top of one another, carefully molding them to fit each other and the shape of the wooden block. This printed furniture was a specialty item and a testament to the skills of Chinese printing and graphic design artists. The printing and molding technique is still used today by some of the finest printing shops in the world.

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