Tax Relief – How You Can Get Some

The tax relief postpones many tax filing deadlines which occurred starting on Sept. 5, 2021. Because of this, affected businesses and individuals will only have until Jan. 31, next, to file their returns and pay all previous taxes which were already due during that time. This helps the people as well as the state to achieve long-term tax relief. It also helps them prevent any further erosion of the tax collections. Many people have been affected by the changes in laws implemented by the government.

Tax Relief


Most people are aware that Florida has a homestead exemption that exempts homesteaded residential units from being subjected to Florida property taxes. On the other hand, the second largest category is for manufactured homes. Both of these categories are exemptions and cannot be utilized by most commercial and rental properties.


Many citizens and real estate agents are trying to minimize or avoid Florida property taxes by holding onto the value of the property rather than selling it. Some people even hold on to their properties for the sake of paying the minimum amount which is usually due every year. But if they have already paid the first year’s taxes, they would be in violation of the law and could face the prospect of having their properties foreclosed. And the worst part is that these delinquent taxpayers can face serious penalties like suspension of license, assessment of tax delinquent interest, and seizure of assets. This is why it is advisable to pay the minimum amount and then deal with your tax issues accordingly.


Florida tax relief allows taxpayers a chance to deduct interest paid for mortgage and business loans. They also get relief on property taxes for some depreciation. Florida tax relief allows homeowners to deduct interest on home equity loans and second mortgages. Qualifying homeowners get deductions on their property taxes on a monthly basis for the amount of principal owed on a loan or equity used as security for a mortgage.


Some Florida taxpayers also avail of tax credit depreciation. If you hold on to a property for more than two years, the property tax you have to pay on it may be deducted. But this benefit is only available if you have not claimed any deductions on your federal income tax return or if your state tax return has not been filed yet.


It is a good thing that Florida offers tax relief because there are many taxpayers who do not properly report income or pay the right amount of tax. And because of this, the government has to run a background check on them to ensure that they are not cheating the system. Florida’s tax system is based on hard work, diligence, and dedication so everyone should take advantage of Florida tax relief programs.